Umber Ghauri is a makeup artist, writer, model and public speaker. With a passion for celebrating marginalised identities, Umber began their journey with a degree from The Courtauld Institute of Art, quickly moving onto a makeup training course. Combining an understanding of historical and current representation within art and media, Umber realised the role of makeup artist was one of great responsibility where LGBTQ people, disabled people and PoC are underserved. Umber believes that we should all experience our beauty in a positive environment, where we have control over how we look and how we are treated.

Umber Has experience in makeup for theatre, film, photography, performance, and events.

Clients include Mykki Blanco, Alok Vaid Menon, Travis Alabanza, Katy Jalili, Tate Britain, British Film Institute, QX magazine.

Please e-mail for all booking enquiries:


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Work with me

My passion is working with people to create images, videos, and in-person looks. I have experience with make up for film, live performance, photoshoots, and events. I specialise in makeup for all skin tones, ages and genders. I understand beauty trends but will never push others into conforming to a certain aesthetic or standard.


Per hour rate upon request.

Relevant expenses for travel outside London is applicable.

Workshops can be on an hourly rate basis or a price per person.

I also offer consultations which might include spending a day with someone, looking through the makeup and tools they own already, showing them how to best utilise those tools, and suggesting what they might need to add to their makeup collection. I would also help them apply their makeup to help them with general makeup skills. This can be for day to day makeup, an event, or any purpose.

I also regularly write articles focused on gender, feminism beauty, sexuality and race.

I often speak at events, panels, lectures and conferences such as Student Fems, GirlCon, Kings College IFemSoc and LGBTQ+ events.

If you want to learn more about my approach you can read my blog and if you`d like to see some of my past project you can view my portfolio here.

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