Dipbrow Pomade and How to Shape Your Eyebrows with Makeup!

Hi everyone! I’ve been raving about dipbrow pomade because along with concealer and highlighter, you can make totally unshaped eyebrows look polished and shaped! I personally get my eyebrows threaded sporadically, its been about a month since I last did it. However, for people who leave their eyebrows natural this is a great no-pain way to shape your brows up! Hibah, my cousin and model has never removed any of her eyebrow hair so I’ll do a little step by step guide on how I neatened up and defined her brows with Dipbrow and Nars Radiant concealer (you choice of concealer will do!).

First I highlight both above and below the middle section of the eyebrow: I use my ecotools airbrush concealer brush to blend it out but I like to use fingers usually (the warmth helps with the blending). Make sure the skin is hydrated before using any concealer.


Then I dip my angled brush (this is a cheap knock off mac brush bought in thailand) into my beloved dipbrow, wipe away the excess on my hand, and begin outlining the upper arch of Hibah’s eyebrow.


I bring the brush down to outline the lower brow line, basically then outlining the whole eyebrow except for the inner quarter section where the hairs point upwards and tend to be more sparse. I avoid any harsh lines there to prevent an unnatural looking shape. Bring the brush out to the outer section to create a delicate line near the temple.

To finish, still not using any more of the dipbrow but relying on what is left on the brush, i gently fill in the main portion (colouring in between the lines i guess!) in gentle strokes, following the natural direction of hair growth- the dipbrow also holds the hairs in place. Be particularly light on that inner quarter of the brow, building up the colour gently.


If you’ve made any errors along the way simply use a cotton bud dipped in a little makeup remover or oil to correct. Blot with a tissue then reapply the concealer to that area.

This looks patchy on the skin because I haven’t used foundation or anything on the rest of the face, I just wanted to quickly show how I use the dipbrow and concealer for definition.




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