A Steal and a Splurge: Two Product Reviews

Hello Beauties!

This last month I’ve had a lot going on, I have minor surgery and my dad came to visit, so I haven’t been great at updating my social media!

When you see what I’m reviewing you’re gonna go whaaaat, you use cheap aftershave on your face??? And you spent almost £40 on a powder!? But trust me I have my reasons.

So here’s some stuff I’ve been trying out recently!

-Nivea Sensitive Post Shave Balm for Men (as a primer), currently £2.67 at Boots and £5.35 full price: Nicki Tutorials does this and it has really caught on, I can see why. The balm really holds your makeup and prolongs the wear of your base. However, I did wake up with a spot the morning after using it for the first time. This may be a coincidence but I’ll keep you posted next time I use it. Also, I get proper smile lines and this didn’t prevent that at all, so next time I’ll put a smoothing primer or eye primer just either side of my mouth as well.

-Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Radiant Light, £38 at Space NK: I’ve been using this since I caved and bought it when Space NK was doing spend £100, get a £25 voucher back. I’ve honestly wanted it or at least 6 months but the price was off-putting. Anyway, my mum bought it a few months ago under my advisement because I feel like mature skin really benefits from it, plus she buys only a few products so it is worth it for her. So I kept borrowing it off her and I was just so in love with my makeup the days that I borrowed it. It is hard to describe the effect it has but it is sort of like having a soft focus filter or light on your face. Absolutely no shimmer or glitter, just this halo. I’ll post a selfie below where it is all over my face. Some people use it only as a highlight on the cheekbones or the under eye area, which is amazing for every day but I just love how my skin looks with it all over, including the under eye. But I do dust a little blotting powder on my nose

That’s it for this time! Catch me soon on Youtube with a new video!

A selfie with my Ambient Lighting Powder all over my face!

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