Makeup 101: Eyebrows

For a practical demonstration scroll down to see my video!

I’m always being asked about eyebrows, because they can truly transform your face. By building on your natural brow you can beautifully frame your face. If you choose to make the arch higher it can give a more feminine shape, lowering the arch and thereby straightening the shape of the brow give a more masculine shape. In the video I simply even out my natural eyebrows by lowering one and heightening the other but only slightly.

First things first you need to choose what kind of eyebrow product you’d like to use and which colour too. Here’s a breakdown of product types:

-a pomade/a pot of gel or cream is going to be the longest wearing product but easiest to go overboard with.

-a pencil is easy to be precise with but if you don’t get one with a very fine nib (like nyx microbrow or Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz or Brow Definer) then you’ll get some difficult bold lines, if the nib is thin you’ll get lovely hair-like strokes.

-a brow powder or eyeshadow will usually look the most natural, it is the most versatile option but usually has less long wear time. To keep it on use a primer and set with eyebrow gel or hairspray on a spoolie.


-Your best option is a small angled brush, sometimes labelled as an eyeliner brush, sometimes as an eyebrow brush. I like the Elf small angled brush. After dipping your brush into powder or pomade, dab it in the back of your hand or onto a tissue to get rid of any excess.


-Black: For black hair and eyebrows go for a soft blackish grey or dark brown

-Brown: There are so many variations of brown, if you want more warm auburn brows go for something with a slight warmth. Most people go for neutral to cool tones as it’s more universally flattering.

-Blonde: Taupe, or very light brown.

-Fun colours: Whatever you want! Use liquid lipsticks, eyeliner gel, cream eyeshadow, liquid eyeliner- whatever is safe to use near lips or eyes.

To fill in your eyebrow begin at the centre of the eyebrow and place your brush or pencil there, begin making small strokes in the direction of hair growth, eventually reaching the tail end. Use a light/medium pressure and build until your are happy with the the density of the colour. If you feel like you’ve gone over board, take a spoolie or clean mascara wand and comb the brow thoroughly to blend and remove some of the product.

Then (if using a brush) take what is left on the brush to begin the front of the brow. The front is usually much less dense naturally, and the hairs grow upwards so you need much less product, and you need to apply very light pressure. If using a pencil be very careful not to apply too much pressure. It is ideal to hold the end of the brush/pencil (furthest point from the nip or brush head) to minimise the pressure.

If you want to straighten your eyebrows then start at the beginning by applying product under the arch.

If you want to raise the arch then start at the top of the arch and build on that.

Look out for a video on changing the shape of your eyebrows coming soon on my channel (subscribe to my youtube channel and follow my blog)


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