Beauty Review September 2015

Hello beauties!

I’ve posted a review of everything I’ve tried in the last month, most of these were great and I would call them favourites!

The most important things for me were skincare, and the Artemis Oil at £60 is a proper splurge but it is THE BEST thing I’ve ever done for my skin. Using that along with the Boots £3.59 mask every other day, my skin has been in great shape.

Of course I had some makeup favourites too! Watch the video below to get the low down on my month, and check out the description box for full info on the products.


August Haul and Birchbox!

Hello beauties!

In August I got my first ever Birchbox! I really enjoyed receiving it, and I managed to find codes online to get a good discount on my first box so I thought, why not?

It is worth it but it is not a steal for the full price of around £12, so if you’re someone who wants to try some new things but doesn’t want to pay full price before you know you love a product, go for it. I’ve now had 2 boxes and I’m over it, it was fun but if I don’t unsubscribe I will be drowning in things to try and it’ll get overwhelming and a bit pointless. I do think it is good for people who don’t already have tons of products and want to start branching out and building up a good beauty collection. Also the customisable profile for skin type and skin tone and hair type does help because they won’t send you something totally useless.

My haul was some stuff I really wanted or needed. In my next video, my beauty review, I mention how I got on with some of these!

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Watch it here!